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Music has always been of two types. One that soothes a soul and the other that wakes up a sleeping soul. Beats are those instrumental tunes that belong to the latter category and beats with hooks really make up for one deadly combo. Beats with hooks will really awaken even the dead from the graveyard, provided the hooks are of the same intensity as beats.

For starters, let us discuss what exactly beats with hooks are:

Hooks are short phrases or riffs that allow one to groove. Hooks are rhetorical in fashion and appeal to the ears of the listener. They epitomize the songs as well as the beats in a short and attractive way.

Beats with hooks generally end up as chorus between verses. Many music companies use beats with hooks so that they can popularize their album in a fast and striking way. Beats with hooks are generally eye-catching numbers that enhance the cognitive appeal of a song or album. Market research is generally based on beats with hooks, as the people recognizes the most audible and most loving beats with hooks. Unsurprisingly, these famous hooks with the beats feature in those numbers that are topping the charts. Hence, it becomes very clear that in order to have a popular number one must also have catchy beats with hooks.

Beats are a big business and beats with hooks account for the better part of that business. The, hook which is closely associated with the beat is usually the main reason for your selling. It might be only a few sounds or a short paragraph; hooks need to catch the soul and the spirit of the song. Hence, in short beats with hooks are the only reason why a hip-hop listener would buy an album or a song.

So do not just listen to the beat, play and buy rap beats with hooks

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Hip Hop Is A Bitch Beats With Hooks, L0kiThaGeek, Rap & Hip Hop $5.99 Buy
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Do You Beats With Hooks, PD3MUSIC, R&B/Soul, Rap & Hip Hop $50.00 Buy
Don’t Deserve It Beats With Hooks, Christian/Gospel, PD3MUSIC, R&B/Soul, Rap & Hip Hop $50.00 Buy
Warm Beats With Hooks, PD3MUSIC, R&B/Soul, Rap & Hip Hop $50.00 Buy
Just Breath Beats With Hooks, Christian/Gospel, PD3MUSIC $50.00 Buy
I Wish I Could Be With Her Beats With Hooks, Mardah Beatz $5.99 Buy
Thug Audio (ft. 50 Cent) Beats With Hooks, Mardah Resonance $5.99 Buy